New Beekeepers

Getting Started

Should you decide to become a beekeeper in Nova Scotia you need to know that you are making an important commitment. In making the decision you should consider a number of factors. The Ontario Beekeepers Association has a very good section on addressing some of the questions you will need to answer. We suggest you follow their link, and click on New Beekeeper Start Here to answer some of your questions. Below is information specific for Nova Scotia .


In Nova Scotia there is a Bee Industry Act and Regulations. Under the Act there is a requirement to register with the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture when you start to keep bees. This can be done by completing the Nova Scotia New Beekeeper Registration Form and send it by e-mail to Jason Sproule

Apiculturalist / Minor Use Pesticide Coordinator

Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture

P.O. Box 890 Harlow Building

Truro, NS, B2N 5G6

(902) 890-1565

There is no cost to register with the province of Nova Scotia.

What happens after your form is received?

1. A Beekeeper Code will be assigned to you
2. A package of information will be sent to you including a Certificate of Registration and documentation on disease and pest control of honey bees
3. If you have an e-mail address you will be added to the Distribution list of Registered Beekeepers and you will start to receive information on what is happening in the honey bee industry in Canada and in Nova Scotia in particular.