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Purchasers are responsible to ensure the quality of the goods they purchase. Anyone selling bees or equipment containing drawn foundation, must have these items inspected by the provincial bee inspector prior to sale. Anyone purchasing bees must be register with the province.

Buy Sell and Trade terms of use

All posts will be removed within 30 days of original posting. Sellers may contact the NSBA to have their post extended for an additional 30 days. 

Ads for queens, nucs and full colonies will be posted until the end of July. 

2020 Nucs:

Now taking orders for 4 and 5 frame nucs
Delivery late May and June 2020. 
Contact Alex and Heather Crouse: or by phone 902-679-8996

4 frame Nuc's for sale.
Taking orders for May/June delivery.
Contact: or by phone at 902-986-3282

4 frame nucs for sale
Late May or early June
Cost $190
Wentworth, NS
Contact Andrew Langille: or by phone 902-956-2599

5 frame nucs for sale
The Little Bee Farm
Contact Ben Little: for more information
Located at 804 Upper Branch Rd., Auburndale, NS
Nucs will be ready after blueberry pollination towards the end of June 

Bee Pollination for 2020:

Book now for Bee Pollination for 2020! We deliver within 50km of Truro.
Contact: or by phone at 902-986-3282

Bee Supplies for Sale:

*Each lot is being sold as a package.

Lot A: $ 5500
23 frame, 3-speed extractor
Hoist for boxes (for second floor extraction)
3 filter system, Maxant clarifier
Maxant holding tank for bottling
Lot B: $ 1300
*This list is an approximation.
Small homemade extractor
Second tank with bottom valve
24 deeps with frames, in good shape!
23 nuc boxes, 4-frame with lid/screen entrance
Manual hive lifter (like Kaptar lift)
2 Quebec bee escapes
Styrofoam matting, maxant (rough shape)
Queen excluders
100+ queen cages
Deep wired wax foundation
Frame rests
Entrance reducers
Bottling tank with heater
Honey jars with lids, several boxes
Full bee suit including head piece
Frame uncapping table for removing honey, home made

If interested contact Angela Saunders.

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