Industry Programs

The Nova Scotia Beekeepers' Association encourages you take part in the following industry programs:

Bee Biosecurity Program

The Bee Biosecurity program will assist beekeepers with the costs associated with Best Management Practices that will improve honey bee health through pest monitoring and elimination of accumulated pathogens and pesticide residues in wax combs.

For more information, please visit Nova Scotia Bee Biosecurity 

Program Guidelines

Bee Biosecurity Program Application

Nova Scotia Wildlife Compensation Program

This program compensates registered * Nova Scotia farmers who experience damage to specified agricultural products caused by specific wildlife species. It will complement crop insurance plans that list wildlife as an insurable peril as well as operate on its own for farmers who do not currently have insurance.

For more information, please click here: Wildlife Compensation Program [PDF]

Advance Payments Program

This program is designed to advance producers operating cash while in production. This is a government guaranteed program that allows producers alternatives to financing other than through an operating loan at a financial institution.

For more information, please click here: Advance Payments Program [New website]

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