Below is a list of useful links related to beekeeping in Nova Scotia and across Canada.  Please click on the link to take you to the website.

National Organizations

Canadian Honey Council

CFIA Inspection Program

Statistics Canada

Provincial Associations

British Columbia Beekeepers Association

Alberta Beekeepers

Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association

Manitoba Beekeepers Association

Ontario Beekeepers Association

Federation des Apiculturs du Quebec

New Brunswick Beekeepers Association


Dr. Dave Shutler, Acadia

Dr. Chris Cutler, Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture

Industry Stakeholders

Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture


Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture

Agri-Commodity Management Association


Nova Scotia Bee Industry Act

CHC Hivelights

CHC Curriculum Activities for Grades 1-3

Organic Beekeeping

Atlantic Certified Organic 

ACO Apiculture Certification Application [PDF]

CFIA: Canada Organic Regime

Organic Production Systems Permitted Substances

General Principles and Management Standards


Bees, Hornets and Wasps of the World