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Posted:Fri, May 10th, 2024 2:13:35 pm

NSBA Photo Contest

Do you have that BEE-utiful shot? The 2024 NSBA Photo Contest is here!

The Photo Contest for the 2025 Calendar is open for entries! Here’s the scoop:

You can submit as many photos as you like through email to: with “NSBA Photo Contest” in the subject line.

All submissions are FREE!

Not all photo submissions will be featured in our 2025 pet photo calendar. The NSBA Calendar Committee will select the photographs to be used, including a Feature Photograph which will be on the cover of the calendar.

The final layout and final location of all the photographs will be decided by the NSBA Calendar Committee, with except of the Winning Photo, that will be featured on the Calendar Cover. The selection process will happen after the contest has closed.

The NSBA Photo Contest will run until Wednesday, May 1, 2024 until Wednesday July 31, 2024 or earlier if the calendar submissions reach capacity determined by the NSBA Calendar Committee.

You can enter by placing “NSBA Photo Contest” in the subject line of your email, attach the photo(s) and in the body of the email MUST include your:


Full Name: (First and Last)

Phone Number: (Include Area Code)

Email Address:

Full Mailing Address: (to send a prize if you win)

Any submissions not having ALL the information will be discarded.

Your Full Name, and Region will be published in the Calendar as for Credit of the photograph.

Photo Submission requirements:


You can submit any photograph, from this year, or previous years as long as it meets the following requirements.

  1. No screen captures (poor resolution), The minimum would be 11.25” by 8.75” at 200 dpi or,
    at least 2250 by 1750 pixels.
  2. Larger is fine up to double that size 11.25” by 8.75” at 400 dpi or, 4500 by 3500 pixels.
  3. Most cell phones take photos well beyond the lowest requirement, and better. A Samsung Galaxy standard is 4032 x 1816 pixels. NO SPECIAL CAMERA EQUIPMENT IS REQUIRED! Snap away in your Yard!
  4. All submissions must be in a .JPG or .JPEG format.
  5. All photographs must be related to beekeeping and feature no people, unless using the Bokeh Effect.
  6. No AI photos, filters or editing will be accepted. Those will be discarded and all decisions are at the discretion of the NSBA Calendar Committee.
  7. You MUST be the Copyright holder, and it must be original to you Photograph.
  8. No photographs may contain advertising, marketing or watermarks.
  9. No businesses are permitted to enter. Only individuals.
  10. You do not need to be an NSBA Member to submit for the contest.
  11. All early, or late entries, submitted outside the dates provided will be excluded. Date submitted is considered the date attached to the email in the NSBA Inbox.


By submitting your Photographs to the Nova Scotia Beekeepers Association, you are granting all rights of the submitted photograph(s) attached, to the NSBA for non-exclusive use. By submitting, you are allowing the NSBA unlimited and non-exclusive use for activities in all media, including social media, online and printed, in relation with the contest and all other NSBA promotional activities without any remuneration.

You further agree to participate in related publicity and the use of your name and images for promotional and advertising purposes in relation with the contest, without any compensation.

The NSBA and its partners do not assume any responsibility and are not responsible for the misuse of images by external third parties.

No present or future sponsors, or advertisers have any claim to rights to any of the photographs used in the published calendar.

All rights to display images is granted to the NSBA for use on social media websites (on our official profiles) to promote the winners of the NSBA Photograph Contest.

Please submit your BEE-utiful photos and good luck!