New Beekeepers

Workshops and Courses

The Nova Scotia Beekeepers Association has not reviewed any of the materials and does not specefically endorse any of the following courses or worksshops.

1. Modern Beekeeper Course
The Modern Beekeeper is a new hands-on production course developed as a collaboration between Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture, the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture, Perennia and the Nova Scotia Beekeepers Association. This course is designed for new and existing farmers who want to gain production skills and grow their beekeeping expertise. Through a combination of classroom and field work, participants will gain knowledge, skills and contacts needed to become successful beekeepers.  For more information, please see the Modern Beekeeper Website [New Window]

2.. Beekeeping Basics for Beginners
NSCC Kingstec
Cost $615.00
For more information call 902-679-617 Beekeeping Basics Poster [PDF]