Items to Buy, Sell or Trade

Purchasers are responsible to ensure the quality of the goods they purchase. Anyone selling bees or equipment containing drawn foundation, must have these items inspected by the provincial bee inspector prior to sale. Anyone purchasing bees must be register with the province.

Nucs for Sale

4 frame nucs for sale at $185 each.

Contact Andrew Langille. 902-662-2105  or grubinator

Location for Hives

 Contact :Jane Underwood <>

I have a large property on the Gays river covering some 70 acres. We have an old apple orchard and 25 acres is hay producing. We do not allow pesticides on our property. We are interested in having bee keepers place their hives on our land.

For Sale 1 - 3frame honey extractor

Name: Brian Birnie
Phone: 902-523-0569

 For Sale 1 - 3frame honey extractor asking $325.00

Nucs and Hives for Sale

4 And 5 frame nucs available second half of May- $180

Strong overwintered hives in double brood nests available seconf half of May-$400

Contact Tony Phillips,, 902-662-3399

Nucs for Spring 2018

Nucs for Spring 2018

4-frames of Bees with laying Queen.
Should be ready to go for early June.
Contact: Country Fields Beekeeping Supplies to reserve.
1-877-505-6363 or

Wanted- 2 Nucs

Name: Julie A Levesque
Phone: 9026632432

Wanted to buy 2 nucs for spring.

Commercial size honey extracting equipment for sale

Commercial size honey extracting equipment for sale

2 Maxant 50 frame extractors (actually hold 60 frames)
Gunness Uncapper (2009)
Paradise P200 Wax press (2014)

Contact Tom Cosman

Arataki Bees (New Zealand)

ARATAKI - 1kg packages of Arataki Bees (New Zealand) with caged mated Queen. Now taking orders for Spring 2018. Arrival in early April. Please contact Country Fields Beekeeping Supplies 1-877-505-6363 or to reserve.


Custom Honey Extraction

We, at Hobbee Farm Honey in Collingwood, Cumberland County, are now ready to offer our Custom Honey Extraction services to the beekeeping community. We specialize in extraction for fellow hobby farm operators all the way up to 2000 lbs extraction jobs.

For more information check out our Facebook page "Hobbee Farm Honey".


You can also contact Tyler Hobbs at:

Email ""

Phone 902-686-3806

Pine Lumber

Just wanted to make you aware of my company if there may be beekeepers looking for a pine source for there hive boxes .  or  George Joudrey 902 521-7192

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