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Purchasers are responsible to ensure the quality of the goods they purchase. Anyone selling bees or equipment containing drawn foundation, must have these items inspected by the provincial bee inspector prior to sale. Anyone purchasing bees must be register with the province.

Buy Sell and Trade terms of use

All posts will be removed within 30 days of original posting. Sellers may contact the NSBA to have their post extended for an additional 30 days. 

Ads for queens, nucs and full colonies will be posted until the end of July. 

4 frame nucleus colonies- Roger Morash

Taking orders for 4 frame nucleus colonies with locally produced and mated queens,


Please contact Roger Morash at or 902-384-2474

Orders for frame nucs- Foote Family Farm

Foote Family Farm is now taking orders for 4 frame nucs for May and June. Call 902-678-4371


2019 Nucs for sale- Alex & Heather Crouse

Now taking orders for 4 and 5 frame nucs for delivery in May and June 2019.

Alex & Heather Crouse, Wood'Hive Honey (902)-679-8996 or


Nucs for sale- Tony Phillips

Nucs for sale- Tony Phillips
Four and Five frame nucs for sale in mid to late May 2019.
Price $190.
Double brood box hives for sale. $450

Nucs for sale- Donald Dunbar

Name: Donald Dunbar
Phone: 902 923 2542

4 frame nucleus colonies for sale with locally raised queens available early to mid June. Price $180.

4 Frame nucs for sale - Andrew Langille

4 Frame nucs for sale.

Cost $185


Phone: 902-662-2105

Chilean Imported Queens - Country Fields

Carniolan Hybrids. Gentle bee that is good Honey Producer. Available for early May.
$39.00 - Price may be adjusted based on exchange rate at time of shipping.
Please call to order, bulk rates for orders over 20. Pick up only.

Country Fields 1-877-505-6363

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