Items to Buy, Sell or Trade

Purchasers are responsible to ensure the quality of the goods they purchase. Anyone selling bees or equipment containing drawn foundation, must have these items inspected by the provincial bee inspector prior to sale. Anyone purchasing bees must be register with the province.

Custom Honey Extraction

We, at Hobbee Farm Honey in Collingwood, Cumberland County, are now ready to offer our Custom Honey Extraction services to the beekeeping community. We specialize in extraction for fellow hobby farm operators all the way up to 2000 lbs extraction jobs.

For more information check out our Facebook page "Hobbee Farm Honey".


You can also contact Tyler Hobbs at:

Email ""

Phone 902-686-3806

Pine Lumber

Just wanted to make you aware of my company if there may be beekeepers looking for a pine source for there hive boxes .  or  George Joudrey 902 521-7192

Beekeeping Supplies- Nature's Taste Canada

Dear fellow beekeepers,

We have updated our website with all of our cedar products on it now and also more information.

I also have some photos attached of the best selling products so far.

You now have a supplier for a complete line of unique cedar products for the hobbyist bee keeper and also the traditional pine products for commercial bee keepers!

You have 2 weeks left to order your early booking order with free shipping, if you have not seen our early booking program please contact us and we will email you the price sheet.

We are excited to offer you all "Manufacturer Direct" Products, Prices and Service!

Don't forget to look at our special stronger box joints J

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


David Martin

Melancthon, Ontario Canada

Phone # 705-446-7155


Cornect Family Farm has retail honey and beeswax for sale, all from their own beehives. They also make and sell wooden beekeeping equipment, using pine sourced locally in Northern Nova Scotia. They will also remove swarms within their area. For more information, please contact Margaret. Phone: 902-833-2747 or

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