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Posted:Wed, Aug 30th, 2017 6:21:45 pm

Participate in the National Bee Health Survey

ATTTA is looking for Nova Scotian beekeepers who have a minimum of 10 full-size and strong hives. They are planning to sample 300 bees from each of 9 to 12 hives in one apiary. The 300 bee samples will be incubated in kits containing a strip of Apivar or Bayvarol. They are testing the efficacy of the miticides and with that data, whether any resistance within mites to the miticides can be inferred. In order to obtain data from these samplings, varroa mites need to be present at high enough levels in interested beekeepers' operations (ie. 3 mites per 100 bees). If you know your operation has mites at or around this level and you have not yet applied any summer/ fall mite treatment, and have a minimum of 10 strong hives, please contact Cameron Menzies with ATTTA at or 902-957-3427. Thank you.