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Posted:Mon, Feb 29th, 2016 11:40:09 am

2016 CAPA Report

2016 CAPA Report
Prepared by Jason Sproule, Provincial Apiculturist for NS
The Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists (CAPA) is a professional organization of bee researchers and
regulatory personnel including bee inspectors and Provincial Apiculturists. CAPA members strive to study, educate and
administrate in the field of apiculture. CAPA is relied upon to address major issues concerning bee health. Reports were
heard at the annual general meeting in Saskatoon, in December 2015 from 4 major committees: Overwintering,
Importation, Chemical and Research. These reports and other relevant meeting items are summarized herein.

Please click here to view the entire 2016 CAPA Report [PDf]