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Posted:Wed, Feb 17th, 2016 10:44:29 pm

Interesting Nova Scotia Statistics

In 2015 there were:
· A total of 400 registered beekeepers
· Of which 114 were new entrants to the industry that year. There was a similar number of new entrants in 2014 and some people are still trying to get hives.
· 252 beekeepers were registered with active hives
· And 35 beekeepers have reached commercial status (greater than 50 colonies).
· 25,334 colonies were operated in the summer
· 23,789 were used for pollination, predominantly lowbush blueberry

· 152 beekeepers reported to harvest a honey crop
· 8,123 colonies were used to produce honey (some colonies are used for both honey production and pollination...which is why the numbers don't add up 23,789 +8,123 does not equal: 25,334.
· The total honey crop was 410,000lbs (based on voluntary information)
· 152,188 lbs were sold in bulk (based on voluntary information)
· 115,434 lbs were sold retail (based on voluntary information)