New Beekeepers

Where To Buy Bees

"Where to Buy Bees" for 2020. 

Please note: Purchasers are responsible to ensure the quality of the goods they purchase. Anyone selling bees containing drawn foundation, must have these items inspected by the provincial bee inspector prior to sale. Anyone purchasing bees must be registered with the province.

2020 Nucs:
Now taking orders for 4 and 5 frame nucs
Delivery late May and June 2020.
Contact Alex and Heather Crouse: or by phone 902-679-8996

Golden-Green Sustainable Resources Ltd
28 Hub Centre Drive Upper Onslow NS B6L 0C8
Phone: 902-895-5546
Selling 4 and 5 frame nucs, as well as all the beekeeping equipment, medication and supplements one would need

Nucs for sale late May
Located in Debert, NS
Contact Tony Phillips: 902-662-3399

4 frame Nuc's for sale.
Taking orders for May/June delivery.
Contact: or by phone at 902-986-3282

4 frame nucs for sale
Late May or early June
Cost $190
Wentworth, NS
Contact Andrew Langille: or by phone 902-956-2599