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4 frame nucleus colonies
Taking orders for 4 frame nucleus colonies with locally produced and mated queens,
Please contact Roger Morash at or 902-384-2474

Orders for frame nucs

Foote Family Farm is now taking orders for 4 frame nucs for May and June. Call 902-678-43712019 Nucs for sale

Now taking orders for 4 and 5 frame nucs for delivery in May and June 2019.

Alex & Heather Crouse, Wood'Hive Honey

Call (902)-679-8996 or email

Nucs for sale- Tony Phillips
Four and Five frame nucs for sale in mid to late May 2019.
Price $190.
Double brood box hives for sale. $450

Nucs for sale- Donald Dunbar
4 frame nucleus colonies for sale with locally raised queens available early to mid June. Price $180.
Name: Donald Dunbar
Phone: 902 923 2542

4 Frame nucs for sale - Andrew Langille
Cost $185
Phone: 902-662-2105