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Nova Scotia Bee Industry Under Threat

 The Nova Scotia Beekeepers' Association (NSBA) believes the beekeeping industry is under threat by a government decision to import unnecessary honey bee colonies from an area of Canada with a known pest that is not present in the Province.

The NSBA has learned an importation permit will be issued for one truckload of bees. This would add an insignificant quantity of pollinators that could easily be provided by local beekeepers. In previous years the importation of honey bee colonies has been necessary to supplement the number of hives here in the province to pollinate wild blueberry fields. Due to the historic low market price for blueberries and therefore a drop in demand for hives, Nova Scotia beekeepers can provide all of the hives required for 2017 pollination. This importation is completely unnecessary and would put the entire beekeeping sector at risk of Small Hive Beetle infestation.  Read more

2017 Queen order is now available under forms

To contact NSBA please email: nsbeekeepers@gmail.com

We are a volunteer organization that strives to represent the bees, beekeepers and beekeeping industry in Nova Scotia.

There are around 400active beekeepers in Nova Scotia accounting for approximately 25,000 hives. Each hive should have about 50-60,000 bees at its peak in midsummer so there are just over 1 billion potential bee-ings for our group!


Mission Statement

The mission of the Nova Scotia Beekeepers Association is to support and assist Nova Scotia beekeepers in maintaining healthy, profitable and sustainable apiaries through education, communication and the supply of services.


Some benefits joining the NSBA include:        

  • Your voice may be heard in the industry;
  • $2 million dollars liability insurance coverage for all members while working on behalf of the NSBA
  • A way to meet other beekeepers in your area;
  • A subscription to "Hive Lights" the magazine of the industry in Canada;
  • can take avantage of bulk pricing and delivery for queens"
  • A seasonal newsletter by NSBA member Tony Phillips;
  • A source of information on NS beekeeping;
  • A platform from which to buy and sell bees, gear, products and services; and
  • Participation in the Maritime Summer Bee Tour



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